Monday, January 18, 2010

the perfect whoopie pie and seven fun facts

In my few and far between days off this winter I am working on perfecting a gluten free whoopie pie. This is no easy task and it's been further complicated by aiming for the perfect gluten free, dairy free whoopie pie. Sub one thing and the flavor and texture can change...

This week's whoopies were made with almond milk and artisan gluten free flour. I've been using soy a lot in my baking but have friends that are sensitive. The Artisan flour blend is denser then the Featherlight blend and has less of a gluten free taste to it. The last two batches have also been made with Crisco instead of butter. I think the next batch is going to go to Earth's Balance as I miss the butter but can't compromise my dairy intake. I also whipped up a frosting with egg whites, sugar, corn syrup and vanilla. It wasn't as sugary as I like it but everyone else has enjoyed it thus far. The frosting also held shape better then a canned version.

Why the whoopie pie fascination? Why not just enjoy each batch for what they are? I need to perfect my recipe so someone else can make them and everyone can enjoy them at our event next October.  Count this as the first fun fact about me!

Marlow from Gluten Hates Me has shared the beautiful blogger award and now you get to learn seven fun facts about me-
1} I want to make the perfect GF/DF whoopie pie so then someone else can make them for our wedding next October... it will be in Maine and it's a great New England treat that I can enjoy like everyone else. I might not even tell people that they're gluten free. Our goal is to have a wedding that's fun, casual and gluten free except for the keg of beer.
2} As much as I miss D'Ellies Anadama bread I'm glad that I'm GF.  For me eating gluten was like wearing a 20 pound weight and grey colored glasses and not realizing it.
3} I love watching a TV series via netflix. It starts out tame but by the end I'm watching until 2am trying to finish but then find myself devastated by the end of a good run. I've done this with Felicity and now Grey's Anatomy. I'm really mad that just as I finished Season 5 that Hulu pulled the middle episodes of season 6.
4} I once lost a bet and had to shave my head- good news- I don't have a lumpy head. I was 17 and it was very liberating to break out of my shell. When it grew back I even dyed it blue then fuschia.
5} My idea of a good vacation is driving 2,600 miles (each way)- just so my dog, Chaos can travel with us and we can stop at every Whole Foods even remotely close to our route. Audio books and cheesey music make for a great trip.
6} I'm addicted to I love good gear at great prices. I hate paying full retail for anything now. I have more backpacks then most small gear stores but wouldn't have it any other way.
7} I hate when people on the chairlift ask me where I go to school. I graduated from college 9 years ago... is it wrong to hope for wrinkles?


Kate said...

I don't know about the one at D'ellies...but the Anadama bread recipe I had was easy to convert to gluten free. I made it GF over them summer (Cornmeal & Subbed some of Pamela's Bread mix for the wheat flour) If you are interested - let me know & I will swend you the recipe.

Fun facts!!

Jen said...

I grew up on my Grammie's special whoopie pie recipe and I've come pretty close to replicating it. But I have to use earth balance too.

I still like it when people ask me where I go to school or what I'm going to school for even though I graduated 7 years ago. Maybe one day it will get old, but not yet!! I will never wish for wrinkles!!! :):)

Dawson said...

figure out your recipe and I'll make it for your Maine wedding

camper said...

Kate- i'd love to try your anadama recipe! Jen- the same goes for your Whoopie pies!

can you send them over to me?

Dawson- that would be wonderful! We'll play in the kitchen while you're here and I'll work on the recipe until then.

medrabik said...

The Sinead look must have been pretty cool on you. When do you graduate from high school? You and Spud will get carded until your 50.

Lindsey said...

1. I'm going to have to try GF whoopie pies. My grandma used to make them every Christmas especially for me.
2. I'm with you on the traveling...we just drove 2500m each way so that Dixie could join us and we always have audio books on hand.
3. Greg and I love True Blood, Tudors, and Big Love series on DVD.
3. Don't wish for wrinkles!! :)

camper said...

marc- '97 and everyone thought i was ill! it was a big deal in a small town.

lindsey- :o)
I'm working on the kinks in the recipe. I've got another variation to try tomorrow. Gotta love foods from childhood. I'm glad you had a safe trip back home for the holidays. My library now lets me download audiobooks from home for the ipod... can't wait for the next road trip to load that up!

deb said...

Elizabeth Barbone,
glutenfreebakingdotcom has a freebie February recipe for whoopie pies.
It does have dairy, but at least it's a good template.
100% of her recipes I've made have been great.