Monday, July 9, 2012

hello friends~ Las Olas in New Hampshire

It's been a busy summer and life at campchaos has been one adventure after another. We picked up an old canoe and have been spending time on the lakes of New England and staying cool as these mountain kids readjust to a summer on the humid east coast.
I've found a new gem... a place that makes me miss La Cocina de Luz in Telluride just a little bit more while also satisfying a need for a bit of southwestern cuisine. A place that has a pineapple salsa which has the perfect fusion of flavors and is well versed in the land of gluten free. Las Olas translates to The Waves and it's a perfect name for this seacoast favorite. They have two locations in Exeter and Hampton, New Hampshire. We hit up the original location in Exeter first and loved it so much that the next day found us traveling over to Hampton.  The last two times we've gone I've kicked myself in the parking lot for not having shared this yet. It's clean, simple food that's full of flavor and I can't believe it's taken me this long to blog about it.
 I've been my ususal creature of habit self and typically get two soft corn tacos- one chicken and one steak with pico de gallo and the pineapple salsa. It doesn't disappoint. They only server a few gluten items at Las Olas and the staff is well trained- but as always pay attention. They don't mind changing gloves and will bring toppings out from the kitchen to ensure that there's no cross contamination. Let them know your needs and they are happy to accommodate.
The pineapple salsa left us both craving more so we went home and recreated using the Bronski's recipe from Artisanal Gluten Free Cooking. 
I've also started a new job so I've been adjusting to a new work life balance and some looonnng days behind a computer... it's hard to come home and flip open the laptop while these faces beg for attention.