Monday, June 14, 2010

A bit of local love.... Merle's Brown Bag

I'm making more of an effort to eat out. I know, for the last few years with the changes in the economy every one's been eating in to save money but now it's time to share some gluten free gem's from my backyard.

I've always loved a good sandwich shop and was sad to leave D'Ellies when I moved from Maine in 2006. They fed me homemade (gluten-filled) anadama bread, pesto mayo,carrots, turkey, onion, hots, cheese and cucumber with a huge homemade pickle on the side. D'Ellies taught me to love shredded carrots on a turkey sandwich. It was a short walk from my old office and I visited many times each week. They knew my standard better then I did.

In Telluride I fell in love with Merle's Brown Bag and the Shmoo, ciabatta roll, chicken, roast beef, bacon, onion and lettuce with mayo and balsamic. I gave it up when I went gluten free but didn't have to quit Merle's. They carry gluten free bread and while they mostly use Kinnikinnick bread they did have Udi's in stock for me to try one day. I have to admit it's hard to go back to another bread after Udi's so this weekend I took in an un-toasted Udi's Bagel for them to make my lunch on, it was also my first foray into un-toasted Udi's bagels.

From think outside the breadbox

It was love at first bite... then I remembered that I needed to share so I whipped out my Droid and snapped a quick shot of this Merle's Creation with mayo, turkey, roast beef, bacon, onion and pickles.

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Jillian said...

Hey I can't find your contact information--can you e-mail me at please? I'd love to put your Udi's bagel sandwich in our Facebook photo album! Thank you, Jillian.