Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Udi's loving Colorado...

I'm a huge Udi's Gluten Free fan and have been since first bite. Any bagel that can make me feel like I'm cheating and eating a "normal" bagel deserves this love and adoration.
Udi's is showing the gluten free community love and really expanding their reach and presence in the market. It's really exciting to know that I can walk into so many mainstream stores and find a safe and tasty option while traveling in ski country. Safeway even took this a step further and is now carrying Udi's unfrozen. That's right, I can walk into Safeway on my next trip to Frisco, grab a loaf a bread and have a sandwich before you can say peanut butter and jelly.
Being glutard sure makes me appreciate the small conveniences in life... now I wonder if City Market will follow suit?
Speaking of travels through Colorado, I'm headed to Denver for work this weekend, I'm going to be near a Whole Foods and a PF Chang's and while I'd be happy with PF Chang every night for dinner my friends may not be. Any other suggestions for Gluten Free dining in LoDo or the Cherry Creek area?

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