Thursday, July 8, 2010

Denver- Swing Thai

I spent the holiday weekend working but in a fun way. I went to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver to promote Telluride. It was a fun event and one of my favorite Colorado singer/songwriters, Rob Drabkin,  preformed as well. I'd have to say the highlight of the trip was all the gluten free options.

From think outside the breadbox

I googled "gluten free LoDo" when we arrived as we were staying downtown. Urban spoon had a pretty good list and we enjoyed lunch at Swing Thai  at 1612 Wazee Street. I had the Peanut Sauce curry on a bed of stir fried spinach and it was incredible. The sauce had a good spice to it and the spinach was a good hit of veggies after  a day of traveling. I'm fortunate that the three folks I traveled with are also friends and were very accommodating to my glutard status.

From think outside the breadbox

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Marlow said...

I LOVE being able to google gluten free and then the city and find options! It makes traveling much less scary.