Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Telluride- The Butcher and the Baker

Last summer my favorite stop at the Farmer's Market was to see Cinda who made gluten free cupcakes and cookies. I had to go early as she would sell out. This summer Cinda is no longer at the Farmer's Market as she's part of a new business in town, The Butcher and the Baker (guess which one she is).
I took a day earlier this summer and went in for lunch. I had a freshly made lemonade and loved their glassware that looks like a small glass flower pot.
I had a great turkey and apple wrap which was gluten free of course. The wrap was a bit dry and I made it worse by being picky and omitting the mayo as I didn't know if I'd like the flavor and cheese as I really am trying to be closer to 100% dairy free. I'm hoping to go back soon and give it a second try as I loved the apple and turkey combo. The turkey wasn't your typical deli meat but thick slices.

Dave and I also went for Brunch on Sunday. They make Gluten Free Blueberry Pancakes each Sunday and only on Sunday's as we found out as we cruised town one Saturday looking for breakfast.

I also had a hot cocoa made with soy which was also in a cute mug, although this breakfast couldn't have been 100% dairy free as the pancakes were wonderful. They had a great texture, flavor and a cute presentation. The price is a bit higher then other places in town but they do have high quality food which merits the pricing, I'm looking forward to skiing to town this winter and enjoying some of these on a lazy Sunday.

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Marlow said...

OK. So when I come visit you, we are going to eat breakfast there!! Those pancakes look amazing :)