Monday, August 2, 2010

Udi's Pizza Crust & City Market Display

My apologies, my droid will take great photos sometimes but then other times they upload like this, but I hope you get the point. Even when you forget your Udi's Pizza Crust in the oven a bit too long it still makes for a great dinner. Here's my version of Thai Chicken Pizza.
Chicken, cubed and cooked in Buffalo Sauce
Matchstick Carrots
Julianned Onions and Green Peper

It was my first Udi's Crust and I loved it. I'm still a fan of the homemade stuff but this saves a bit of time and has a good texture and flavor.
 Also I walked into my semi-local (67 miles!) City Market and found this:
Udi's in the real people bread section! Whoo hoo! I was pretty excited and stocked up
on Bagels to help fuel my Merle's addictions.

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Marlow said...

Dang! Now I know where all the Udi's bread has gone!! Our Earth Fare has been sold out for 3 days :(