Monday, July 19, 2010

Time to make the Donuts, take 2

The last time we made donuts there was snow on the ground and winter was just beginning. Now as summer is in full swing and we suffer from a heat wave of  temperatures in the high 80's
(ok, it's kind of a joke but when you live in the mountains and at 9,000 feet this is HOT)
We were home after a busy weekends of playing with the dogs and enjoying the Food Network. Kid in a Candy Store was at Kick Ass Cupcakes and they were showing decadent deep fried cupcakes and we were motivated.We were not motivated enough to make cupcakes but we did pull out the Gluten Free Gourmet and revisited the donut recipe. Doesn't everyone want to make donuts when it's hot out?

This time we cut the recipe in half and whipped the eggs in faster to create a better dough.

I also finally picked up a cookie dough scoop which rocked our donut world. It made perfect scoops and reminded me of Dunkin Donut Munchkins.

We also now have a fondue pot that doubles as a donut fryer.
(thanks Kendra, come visit and we'll make you donuts to thank you in person)

It kept the oil at a perfect 375 degrees and had a good shape for making small donuts in.

After letting them cool we shook them in a mix of Cinnamon, sugar, powdered sugar and cocoa then enjoyed. Next time I make cupcakes I may have to coat in this mix and try my hand at deep fried cupcakes but for now I was pretty happy with our second attempt at homemade donuts.



p&k said...

Hey, great donut shots, Kate.

Almost motivating enough to make donuts.


Marlow said...

WOAH!! Fancy :)

Allie said...

yum yum yum!

i have been wanting to make GF donuts for over a year! it seems so intimidating - i just need to do it one day -yours look awesome...

camper said...

It was a pretty simple recipe from The Gluten Free Gourmet. The fondue pot made a great fry daddy and the scoop made life much easier. They come out all light and airy like a french cruller from Dunkin's!