Monday, June 7, 2010

Gluten Free Beers in Telluride

Although I live in a small town I was very fortunate to have some local stores carry Gluten Free Beers. I've had good luck finding Redbridge, Green's and New Grist. I was elated to find not one but two new flavors to sample Bard's and New Planet. Dave texted me this photo and I was blown away, so much shelf space for glutarded beers!

From think outside the breadbox

New Planet is brewed here in Colorado so I was hoping it would make it from Boulder down to the southwest corner of the state. It's only recently hit shelves anywhere so I was even more shocked to see it here in town. Bard's isn't new but I've only had it once before and my local stores hadn't been able to get it for a while. Colorado only sells 3.2% beer in supermarkets so liquor stores are the way to go here and thankfully there are some good options Telluride. Lately Redbridge has been out of stock and it seems like there may be a distributor issue- has this happened to anyone else?

To be fair I pulled out some Telluride Blues and Brews (Gluten Filled Beer Festival) tasting glasses and enlisted Dave's help. He poured a sample of each so I could taste without knowing which brew I was trying. I also grabbed a small bowl of Glutino's GF Pretzels to compliment my tasting experience. Plus my favorite water bottle because hydration is key to living at 9,000 feet above sea level. I felt like I was having a GF Beerfest in my own kitchen.

The black glass had a bit more of a bitter aftertaste while the green glass was smoother. I should have made more notes but like a kid on Christmas morning I flicked on the camera to see which he had poured into each glass.

Bard's was in the Black glass while New Planet was in the green glass.
I'd have to say that for the summer season my winner is New Planet, I'm really excited to have so many options and may try for a rotation, with a 6-pack of each I'm stocked for a bit as my beer fest consisted of 1 of each of the two beers.

Plus I like the cap reading on the Bard's

Cheers to Pacific Street Liquors in Telluride for having Green's, New Planet, Bard's and New Grist all at the same time! They've also been helping me sort through my wine issue and carrying lots of organic and sulfite free wines including the Orleans Hill.


Marlow said...

That's it. I'm coming to Colorado.

camper said...

I never would have guessed that I would have so many gf beer options in one store. I'm emailing them tomorrow to say thanks.

Dawson said...

Gluten Free Graham Cracker Recipe

anna said...

I am coming to CO in the near future. Thanks so much for the GF Beer info!

Please be careful. There are so many red wines that have gluten!