Sunday, May 9, 2010

Udi's Love

I've always been a bit obsessed when I find a new product I like and a scan through my Droid photos reveals that right now I'm in LOVE with Udi's. I'd seen it reviewed on a few blogs and then stumbled on it at my "local" Natural Grocer's a mere 67 miles away. Since then I've been enjoying Peanut Butter & Jelly Bagels in the morning at work and had to confess to a co-worker that these bagels made me feel like I was cheating.
I made my first grilled cheese in over a year and went all out with colby jack cheese, turkey and peperoni. I made myself take a photo of it even though I wanted to just devour it.
I must confess that dairy and I have been struggling again. I went 96% dairy free for a while and felt great. I slowly brought it back into my life and have found that dairy and I do best if we don't spend much time together. I can have a bit of real cheese on my pizza or the occasional grilled cheese but forget about using a 1/4 of cup of real milk in Annie's GF Mac N Cheese (very bad afternoon). This leaves me going mostly dairy free with the occasional cheese treat.
I've also had a lot of untoasted Udi's at lunch, here is a delightful turkey sandwich with a side of nachos and artichoke & parm dip. I now keep a frozen loaf of Udi's in the full size fridge at work and pull out a few slices on sandwich days or toast mornings. My desk is home to a supply of tin foil so I can use the toaster oven at work and not worry. The worst part about Udi's is that the bagels fly off the shelf and I'm not always lucky enough to score a pack!

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Marlow said...

So while I am incredibly jealous of this display of delicious Udi's goods, I have to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! I LOVE my Sigg!!! :)