Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a bit of local love.... Rustico Ristorante

I'll be honest. I couldn't have guessed that I'd be back to Rustico... after all it's an upscale Italian resturant in Telluride which specializes in gluten filled pastas. I've had some great meals there and they helped me learn to love spinach. The time between ski season and the busy summer festival season is often called off season here in town and Rustico runs some great off season specials so when friends wanted to gather there for dinner I checked the website and made a phone call before committing to a Big Night Out this past Tuesday.

From Droid think outside
Caprese Salad is not dairy free but is a great love of mine. I'll cheat for dairy but wouldn't even think of cheating with gluten. I do wear the marks of the indiscretion on my face like a scarlet letter and feel sluggish for a day after but the flavor of tomoto, basil and cheese melding makes it hard to behave....

From Droid think outside
For the main course I enjoyed a modified Vitello al Carciofi, they left my thinly sliced veal un-breaded and gently sauteed it with artichokes, capers and white wine. (I could have also enjoyed Risotto too) it was a delight and I easily joined the clean plate club and had a great evening with good friends while avoiding gluten.

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