Wednesday, March 21, 2012

soup for you! A bit of local love in Farmington, Maine

A few weeks back Dave and I found ourselves in Farmington at lunchtime. I was pretty stoked as it wasn't a Sunday and I could finally duck into soup for you! I've heard good things from friends about the Gluten Free factor down there- specifically that Buffy, the owner, is a diagnosed Celiac who knows firsthand about the importance of safe food prep.

It's an overwhelming space to walk into and has the menu posted on the back wall. It's easy to get lost in the sandwiches themed after a well-known sitcom that made the Soup Nazi famous. The soups were also temping and well marked with levels of free-dom: 

codes: v-vegetarian vv- vegan wf- wheat free gf- gluten free df-dairy free sf- soy free

Which is a wonderful thing for those of us who avoid other foods as well. I'd been craving a good sandwich so I got my classic turkey with cukes and carrots to go and it was love at first bite.

I was even lucky enough to meet Buffy in person and have her make my sandwich. No qualms about this lunch spot in downtown Farmington!


Ang said...

I love Seinfeld and sandwiches! That place sounds perfect! Wish I was remotely close to Maine! :)

Marlow said...

I want to go to there!