Sunday, November 30, 2008

my wheat free day

what can you eat? Please note that this is before I went 100% gluten free and was just avoiding wheat. Some products may contain gluten.

Today I had a Clif Bar for breakfast, skipped lunch due to a busy day at work, had Nut-thins for a snack when I got home and shepards pie (potatoes, hamburger, veggies) for dinner. I did have some pumpkin pie and ice cream but was careful to not eat any of the crust. Maggie read each label for the shepards pie as wheat can lurk in sauces like some (not all) soy sauces and such.
Things are tougher as I have to be more conscious about what I am eating on the go... no more ducking in for a quick sandwich... although the brown bag does have gluten free bread that i am excited to try. I've never been a salad fan either so that's out too. It does require more thought and planning then I am used to.

I may modify this but for now I look for things that clearly state the absence of wheat or are simple foods (potatoes, rice, veggies, meats, cheeses). Processed and boxes must be read carefully. Trips to the market have doubled in time as dave and I read labels and talk about what to eat. Although there are a lot of gluten free prepacked food I don't want those to become my life. Plus I don't need to avoid all gluten- just wheat.

Wheat has gluten but not all gluten has wheat. I know that if something is gluten free then it is also good for me as well but I do not need gluten free food- just wheat free. Plus we also have to remember all my food issues as well like seafood!

Thanks to Megs, Kim and Kendra for sending over some blogs...

And we know chocolate is still good for me!

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Lindsey said...

I feel your pain! I don't have a wheat allergy, but I am trying to live gluten-free due to gastro problems. There is no denying that cutting out starchy foods and processed foods helps tremendously, but that still doesn't make it easy! Thanksgiving was mom makes the world's best homemade bread, and it was totally worth the stomach ache! :)
I know you aren't gluten-intolerant, but you should still check out the books "The Gluten Connection" and "The Gluten-Free Bible." Both have some great tips and sources. I've found that gluten free at home (and a packed lunch at work) are easy. Traveling and visiting family are much more difficult. Best of luck!