Monday, March 9, 2009

Best pizza without wheat...

During the first wheat free week I tried a frozen pizza and liked it. Tonight I loved a wheat free pizza! Chebe frozen pizza crusts also managed to impress Dave who can still eat the real stuff if he wants. Chebe frozen pizza dough isn't a real dough but like a cheese bread hybrid. It doesn't rise since it has no yeast but I love thin pizza so it works for me. I also love to add my own flair and this base gives me the perfect start to create my masterpiece and it is personal size so Dave and I can each make our own.
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Lindsey said...

I really miss pizza! I've tried making my own crust a few different ways and some have turned out ok. I haven't seen any gluten-free frozen products in our grocery stores unfortunately. I've been trying a new flour blend called "Carol's Sorghum Flour Blend". It's not too bad...I think it might have a little more fiber and vitamins than the featherlight. To be honest though, once I run out of my mixture, I'm planning to switch back to the featherlight. The sorghum flour is too gritty for my preference. Anyway, I enjoy hearing which products you've tried...we don't have a very good selection of gluten-free packaged goods in this town.