Sunday, March 29, 2009

pamela's classic vanilla cake

I first tried Pamela's Classic Vanilla Cake mix a few weeks ago... it was yummy but a bit dry which could be a result of baking at 9,000 feet. This time I added a box of vanilla flavored instant Jello pudding mix, an extra egg and a bit more water. I just sifted the two powder mixes together then added the wet ingredients.
The cake was yuumo! I made two 8" rounds and they took much longer to bake then the directions because of my additions. I believe they were in the oven for almost an hour. I served it to my wheat eating friends and the pudding mix took away the rice flour aftertaste that they usually notice. As usual my cakes were misshapen but this isn't the food network and they still tasted fine.
Jess frosted the cake for me with just normal canned mix. Not sure how gluten free this may be with the addition of the frosting and pudding mix but it was the best wheat free cake I have made yet!
I went to the allergist after a reaction to a smoothie in Moab. It was a yummy Mango Tango smoothie that had mango, peaches, coconut and orange sherbet in it. The allergist didn't have a mango test but we ruled out all other ingredients and determined that that was my last mango smoothie.... this reaction was a swollen tongue and throat. I took some Benadryl but it still caused a damper on the day in Moab. Mango won't be much of a hardship since I never have liked the fresh fruit- just the smoothie versions.

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