Monday, May 4, 2009

Dinner on the road....

At whole foods today I pick up a hot lunch and packed a cool dinner at the food bar. My quinona, chicken and potatoes kept well in the cooler all afternoon and make a yummy wheat free dinner at the hotel tonight. It saves me from navigating a restaurant's menu as well as letting me relax at the hotel.
That's what I love about whole foods.... Its not just a salad but a food bar with lots of wheat free options! Plus I grabbed some redbridge and like it much better then the last wheat free beer I sampled.
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Lindsey said...

I feel your pain when it comes to eating out...especially eating on the move. There is virtually no "fast food" that is safe! It's really frustrating! I pretty much pack all my own food when traveling. Fruit is always a plus, and I like to get the chocolate rice cakes and take a jar of peanut butter to put on them. It can be a little messy though. I recently made some good muffins and a pie crust. I'll try to get the recipes to you. They both turned out great!