Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pahgre's Pizza

Jess, Jared and Dave with the Pahgre's Pizzas
Before I learned that wheat made me sick I fell in love with a new pizza place, Pahgre's Pizza in Montrose. This is the town about and hour away, where we go to pick up friends from the airport, hit the food store and Target. I lost this when I went wheat free. I had gone since but I am not a leafy, green salad eater and it wasn't nearly as much fun. It's a great spot to hit after picking up a hungry guest from the airport since we know what airlines have done to meal options!

We hit Montrose on Friday night with friends and I was ecstatic when Jess pointed out that they had GLUTEN FREE PIZZA available! It was a bit hidden on the menu since I now don't even look at the second pizza page and just browse the salads. I thanked the waitress and let her know how phenomenal this is. She informed me that they also have gluten free desserts; which we didn't save room for this trip.
Gluten Free Friendly!
This has made my week and I delighted in my Thai Chicken Pizza with chicken, peanut sauce, carrots and green onion. They had a good gluten free crust that was cooked to perfection. It felt really good to be "normal" and eat pizza like everyone else. Plus it fueled me for a long night of food shopping, a target run and the late night drive back over the mountains.
Thai Chicken Gluten Free Pizza
Thank you Pahgre's!

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