Sunday, November 1, 2009

whoopie! (pies) and a contest....

I needed a little Maine flavor today and made a small batch of my gluten free whoopie pies. I converted the recipe back in February and have kept it mostly the same but am now going for the dairy free version.
It's also pretty cold and wintery here in Telluride and was a great day for a slow cooker meal from Make It Fast Cook It Slow and we're almost ready to have a late dinner before Dave heads off to make snow tonight.
I've always made my whoopie pies with butter and this version came out more dough like and made neat looking patties before the went in the oven.

They baked up well and had good volume.

I'm looking for a good frosting so for now I cheat and use a can.... which is GF but not DF so I can't eat many of these as the dairy tends to bother me.

I'm lucky to have some great baking stones that work well for my whoopie pies... if you're needed some new bakeware then you should pop over to Gluten Hates Me and see the giveaway.  She's partnered up with CSN (who carries everything from this Rachel Ray Bakeware set to this dog bed that Chaos would love and things I heart like this) Just pop over and check out the giveaway. Marlow is another gluten free blogger and has some great recipes posted.


Marlow said...

Thanks for the shout out!

If you could get your hands on some Tofutti Cream Cheese (non-dairy cream cheese), then I would make a cream cheese icing. Tasty! By far my fav type :)

camper said...

I'm headed shopping tomorrow and will keep my eye out for it. Going GF was easy compared to going DF! I went to lunch today and told the chef I couldn't eat gluten, dairy or sulfites. Thankfully he didn't laugh and I ate safely.