Saturday, January 29, 2011

a bit of local love... La Cocina de Luz now serves New Planet

La Cocina de Luz translates to the kitchen of light and has been in Telluride serving up local, organic and wholesome food for over a dozen years. It's a great spot for glutards and has just become a bit better... they now serve New Planet Beer. We tend to go when we're in town and in need of a quick bite and it's popular with both visitor's and locals. It's one of the few places in town that doesn't take a break between the busy summer tourism season and the winter snow riders since it's so popular with the local crew.
Today's fare was enchilada's with garlic roasted veggies and green Spanish rice, OK this was actually Dave's plate. I just went for one chicken enchilada with rice, I am a terrible veggie eater. There- now you know- in case it wasn't obvious from my obsession with all things deserts (whoopie pies).  La Cocina is right on Colorado Avenue which is Telluride's Main Street and has quick counter service and all the makings of a solid Mexican joint with good margaritas with fresh lime juice and all.


Marlow said...


e.m.b. said...

Yes!!! New Planet is so delicious, and, they have a new brew, "Off Grid Pale Ale", which I have yet to find and try:


camper said...

Hi Marlow and Erin,
So nice to have mexican and a beer!
I've heard about the new brew but haven't checked my telluride stores for it yet as I had to leave town for a bit. Looking forward to trying it! Hopefully New Planet will extend to the East Coast sooner then later. :o)

peterbronski said...

Great news that La Cocina is carrying New Planet! I tasted an early version of the Off Grid Pale Ale when it was in development. If the "public" version is anything like what I tasted, it's New Planet's best beer... very hoppy.

Cheers, Pete