Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stuffed Squash

Two weeks ago on our grocery store adventure- (really a full day of stocking up is an adventure) I found squash on sale. I'm working on eating more veggies and picked a few up. I did a bit of research and found Allie's Stuffed Squash and gave it a whirl with a few tweaks of my own.
I cut the squash and cooked for 45 minutes at 400 with some butter and syrup then stuffed with quinoa and spinach that I had made in the rice cooker/steamer. I fried up a bit of bacon for a garnish and moderate the insane veggie intake of my dinner.

My squash came out a bit on the dry side so next time I'll go back to my normal squash prep of cutting in half and baking the two sides upside down in a Pyrex dish with a half inch of water in the pan. It just works better for me- I live at 9,000 feet in a dry climate.  It's not a meal that Dave would get excited about but made for a good dinner and leftovers for me.

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e.m.b. said...

This looks awesome! I've been totally obsessed with stuffing squash this winter (http://mysteriesinternal.blogspot.com/2010/12/olfactory-orgasm.html). For some reason I never did it before because I thought it was hard! Delicious post! Cheers,