Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gluten Free Travels to the Happiest Place on Earth...

For my travels to Disney I loaded up my bag with my arsenal of snacks ready to take on the week. I had heard that Disney was going to be gluten free friendly but there's always a level of uncertainty that goes into traveling. Plus I hit a small snafu along the way- Whole Foods was closed on Easter Sunday. I've been living in a place where stores are open 365 days a year to serve a tourist population and didn't expect this. I wasn't able to round out my snacks but had enough to get along with.
As I waited for the plane in Boston I tried a new (to me) gluten free bar and I settled in for some airport knitting.
The Pure bar reminds me of a Lara bar and has a similar composition but with more nuts. I like Lara bars but only in small doses and felt the same way about this Pure Bar.
 Our first big meal in Disney was in Epcot at a Canadian Restaurant, Le Cellier Steakhouse. I felt good about this, it was a planned meal and I had called the week before to let them know that there was one gluten free person in this party of 11.

They brought me gluten free rolls and my own plate of butter to prevent cross contamination. I then enjoyed a perfect Fillet Mignon on a bed of risotto. Between this and my trip to Quebec City I may forever associate risotto with Canada.
I finished my experience that evening with a Champagne Sorbet that was a nice light finish to a wonderful meal. 
We finished the meal and strolled out into the streets of Epcot in time to catch the evening's firework display.
How did the rest of my trip go? Was it as magical as the first dinner? It's a bit too much information to squeeze into one post so stay tuned for the rest of the details.

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Ang said...

Champagne sorbet! Sounds lovely!