Monday, April 2, 2012

Gluten Free Disneyworld... Any Advice?

In a couple of weeks I hope to share with you about my gluten free adventures in Disneyworld. We're heading out soon and I could use some advice. Has anyone gone lately? I know I should call ahead to the places where we have reservations but any ideas on how to tackle eating at the park? I'm working on my list of packed snacks but always love suggestions for those too.
You may remember how I tackle Airport Survival...  and yes, I'll have some knitting planned out as well.

My snack packing list:
Surf Sweets
Justin's Nut Butter Single Serve Packages
Udi's Bagels  (can I find these at the park?)
Glutino Snack Bars & Pretzels
Luna Gluten Free Protein Bars

What else would you bring for gluten-free happiness and survival?

This ski bum also needs to plan on some snacks that won't melt in the heat...


Ang said...

I've not been recently but I do know if you contact Disney they can e-mail a list of all the gluten free options available at the park. They offer tons of options! :)

Luna protein bars are necessary to my survival when traveling. Go Picnic meals are a little pricey but I keep two in my car for on the road emergencies!

Kate Rideout said...

Thanks Ang! I've emailed the park and they said they have options but didn't offer a list at all. I'm going with lots of Luna bars. I haven't seen the Go Picnic meals yet but I'll keep my eyes open as I do my final survival shop tomorrow. ;o)