Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Airport survival

We're getting good at airport survival. It's my third flight east of the year and Dave's fourth so we're navigating the trials of airline travel. Last week we had two flight cancellations and it made me thankful that I do overpack snacks as our 8 hours of travel time doubled and instead of landing in Boston at 3pm it was closer to midnight....and we felt lucky as one itinerary of the 5 we had during the day had us landing in Boston the next morning.

This morning I'm enjoying a banana, Luna gluten free protein bar and a Peter rabbit peach and apple fruit snack. I know those fruit snacks are trendy with the 7 and under set but I need my fruit too and I'm really picky about how it looks. I'm pretty impressed with the flavor and these might become a staple for long road trips as well.
I'm also getting some quality knitting time in too and have made great progress on a sweater for my four year old nephew.

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