Friday, July 8, 2011

lunch- going to the dogs

The other day I went home for lunch, it's the nice part about living just a short walk from work. I needed to let the dogs out so I could hit yoga after work downtown. There's a great new studio in town, Shantihi, that offers hot yoga. I never thought I'd be a fan of moving in 98 degree heat but the heat really allows a slacker like me to get a good stretch in. I'm a big fan of the fusion class as we tend to do some good balance poses which should help out my skiing as well a my overall well being.
I took advantage of the time at home and made up a quick single serving size of Ancient Harvest Quinoa pasta. I like the texture of the gluten free grains and it's my go-to here at home. It always makes it into my travel bag as well for a road trip or a cross country journey. The nuttiness of the quinoa pairs well with peanut butter and makes a great Gabo Gato.
 For a quick lunch I toss with a bit of EVOO and some freshly cut basil and enjoy in the sunshine with my favorite golden monsters.

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