Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Peanut Sauce Revisited

My menu lately has included Thai Chicken pizza (love) and Gabo Gato. Over the last few years I've begun using the same sauce for both with just a slight modification of added oil for the noodle sauce. I've tweaked the sauce and although I usually don't measure- I go for taste and color now- I've got the basics here:
3T Peanut Butter
3T GF Soy Sauce
3T Brown Sugar
3T Vinegar
Spice to taste with garlic, cayenne, ginger or the like...
Optional thin out for pasta with 3T + 1t oil

I've been making a big batch each week then using it on the pizza and using the leftovers slowly during the week. Last week I was asked if it could freeze well... I gave it a whirl and the answer is YES! I put it in an ice cube tray and made handy little cubes to portion out for my peanut cravings. The ice cube tray wasn't perfect and I think next time I'll roll with silicone cups so they'll pop out easier. They did defrost quickly.
I pulled the peanut butter cubes from the freezer and whipped up a pizza dough with the Bronski's recipe. I've been taking the easy way and using a Chebe dough lately but felt the urge to go real.

I proofed the yeast and mixed the dough then par baked it for just under 10 minutes before topping with Peanut Sauce and a few veggies for a slight variation of our Thai Chicken.
The peanut sauce wasn't the only thing I tweaked recently... my ankle also falls under that label and 10 days later it's no better. I was climbing and took a small fall with a big smack against the rock with my foot taking the brunt of the force. I was pretty jazzed up and it did hurt right away but the pain hit in force later on.

After 9 days of on and off pain I finally broke down for some X-Rays and a Doctor's visit which didn't produce any results so it's a wait, rest, ice and see game. Not the one I want to play as we have to run through the United area at DIA tomorrow from a little plane to the big plane. I'm hoping it holds up enough so I can get away with Chacos for our week in New England's 90 degree heat and humidity.

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