Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wednesday Night Rituals

This summer I started a new Wednesday night routine. I leave work on time and drive past my usual route home and cross the Merrimack River into Newburyport. By this time the clock is hovering around the 5:30pm mark and I'm ready for the first stop in the routine.

I drive through the quaint town that seems pretty quiet these days after a busy summer full of tourists and head to my favorite  cafe. The best part about this place? I can have everything on the menu... it's gluten-free, dairy free and even soy free. The food is fresh and the smoothies are satisfying.

The Revitalive Cafe just feels like a good way to start the evening. I grab something light and maybe a goodbad snack.
a spring roll stuffed full of goodness
They don't always have the gf/df "cheesecake" but when they do it's hard to resist...
Lately I've ventured to the smoothie menu, last week's love was a peanut butter cup flavor and this week... Carrot Cake. 

It was perfect for the season as here in New England we've hit Fall. The hazy, hot and humid summer has given way to crisp nights and apple orchards full of people waiting for the classic New England experience and Apple Cider Donuts. It's made me a bit sad until my favorite chefs whipped up a recipe this week... I can't wait to try out Team Bronski's gluten free donuts soon.  

The rest of my night? I grab my tote full of yarn and head to my local yarn shop for a night of knitting with new friends. 

It's not often life brings together people of all ages, demographics and temperaments; when it does it's a pretty cool thing. I love my Wednesday night rituals, good nourishing food, great knitting time and even better company. 

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