Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wheat free pizza

Because I live in a ski town today is my friday. As we walked through the market dave asked what we could eat for dinner. I really wanted pizza (but not the wheat). We found this in frozen food land added peperoni and called it dinner.
Overall I'd give it a 6 out of 10, some of that may be my inherent love for pizza. The rice crust reminded me of a thin crumbly cornbread texture.  Update- I'd no longer consider this... I've found other pizza crusts that I love!
I ran into my neighbor the other day and learned that she is also wheat free. She owns a small Merchanile outside of town and carries wheat free products. She does bulk orders of flours(rice, potato and more) or any products. I hope to drive to the store tomorrow and chat with her some more.
So this is day 6 without wheat and I'm feeling great. My energy level is higher then I remember in a long time~ years even. My brain fuzz is gone and I haven't had a headache in the afternoon all week. While I could cheat and have some wheat I'd only make myself feel horrible.
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