Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Breakfast Prep for Lazy Skiers...

Mornings are not my favorite time but I love starting the day with a good breakfast. I thought I'd help my non-caffeinated life out a bit by preparing some pancake mix for myself... I took a couple of mason jars and mixed all the dry ingredients from Artisanal Gluten-Free Cooking for the pancake mix then labeled the jars and added a reminder of the page number I'll need to look at in the cookbook to finish with the wet ingredients. This should help me have a solid breakfast before hitting the mountain for the day or a good brinner (breakfast for dinner) on a snowy night.
Who needs Bisquick for a simple shake and pour?
I picked up the book when it was released in October and have found that it's a go-to for me. Pete and Kelli even put in the basic cereal treat recipe, pizza doughs and other things I'm afraid to make but am looking forward to like gnocchi. New projects are best saved for mud season as ski season is so busy for me! They created a flour blend that I've started using more then the featherlight blend. It's been working well for my whoopie pie trials which are still going strong.... stay tuned for the latest whoopie pie updates which are coming soon.

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