Wednesday, February 17, 2010

strawberry whoopie pies... a work in progress

When a friend mentioned Strawberry flavored whoopie pies to me I become obsessed. Two batches later I've learned a bit but have a ways to go. I've been experimenting with strawberry jello mix for flavor and I think it's time to go another route.
My first batch came out very firm and the second batch I managed to dial in the baking time but had very dense pies.  It's the same basic whoopie pie recipe I've been playing with but with 2 tablespoons jello mix instead of cocoa powder. I think the next round I'll try some pureed strawberries...
I've also been busy cheering on my favorite olympic athlete... Seth Wescott. He won in 2006 at the first Olympic snowboardcross race and took gold this Monday. This year Telluride hosted a World Cup SBX race and we were able to cheer on our fellow Mainer.

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Lindsey said...

I'd love to have both your chocolate whoopie pie recipe and the new strawberry recipe! I'm so hungry looking at the pictures! :)