Sunday, February 21, 2010

busy winter day eats...

I'm not a huge fan of most gluten free pastas but took a chance and tried the Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta. Ok yes, I LOVE rice noodles for street noodles but I'm talking about a pasta to smear in pesto or red sauce. This cooks well and has a nice almost nutty flavor. I haven't tried to reheat at all but I never really liked gluten spaghetti reheated. Dave found their linguine in town today and that's my next dish since I polished this box off today.
We live in a small town and specialty products can be expensive here so I save pesto purchases for our monthly stock up trips. I have found that pesto freezes well and ice cube trays create perfect portions for pizza cubes and and 1/8 of a cube for a single serving of pasta. Just pull out and defrost and hour before eating. This keeps us from wasting a tub of pesto or ever having to go without.

We had a big weekend and it included over a foot of fresh powder and some great skiing on Saturday.
We took a hot cocoa break and found this bit to go along with it...

A Chocolate Bacon Bar!
It was even marked Gluten Free right on the box... there's not a ton of GF options to grab on the go and this was a tasty one. It's not my favorite and was terribly pricey but made for a interesting ski break at High Camp.
Sunday is slow cooker day at our house. We both work and it's an easy way to start the week. We normally go for a big cut of meat and a sauce from Make It Fast, Cook It Slow but today since I was working from home I made the Orange Chicken. We hadn't made in since the fall and we're both excited to enjoy it again... just a few more hours till dinner...

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