Sunday, February 27, 2011

a bit of local love... The Llama

The Llama has become a Telluride nightlife hotspot this winter and is also a great apres scene. This winter they have two for one margs from 3-6pm and $2.50 soft corn tacos with a few filling options- all of which are GF. I'm not sure what they do to their corn tacos but they were warm and soft and didn't mush up and fall apart as I enjoyed them. We ended up there twice last weekend and enjoyed the taco scene while having some much needed and overdue time catching up with friends.

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Allie said...

hey camper! just saw your comment on my blog... My favorites for GF food in Boston are: NEBO (

They have a huge selection of gluten free pizza, pasta, fried things, etc.

In the North End on hanover Street (also known as little italy) - MARCO is my favorite (
If you call ahead at least one day they will make fresh gluten free bread for dipping into oil! They have great half and whole dishes that are very reasonable - and it's a really cute, cozy little place!

If you're in Cambridge or Needham - check out Stone Hearth Pizza - pizza & pasta GF! (

If you're in Brookline (near Fenway, BU, BC area) check out: Elephant Walk (a little pricey), or The Fireplace (GF menu).

If you're in the South End - I like this little venezuelan place called Orinoco. They have Arepa's that are SO GOOD - very affordable. And they make delicious dates wrapped in bacon. YUM.

Burton's Grill ( is right next to Fenway Park, so it's pretty central and Very good! They have fried food! Which is exciting - their fried fish sandwich was great.

I live just north of Boston now, so I've been scouting out my area a bit more - if you happen to be in Reading, MA - Oye's has a gluten free chinese food menu - it's AMAZING. There are also two places to get pizza... but I'm doubting you'll be that way.

OK, WOW - that was a lot... But depending on where you are in the city you should be close enough to one of those! I should really keep a GF Boston Restaurant page on my site!