Sunday, May 15, 2011

A bit of local love... Brown Dog Telluride

From Droid think outside
I feel like gluten free is finally gone more mainstream. I think this as I have options in my small mountain town of Telluride. I mean I can even go out for pizza with my friends like a normal person, in a sports bar, which happens to have a mini- Fenway on the back wall.
This is a very new development. I found out about the Brown Dog offering gluten free pizza about a month ago but when I called to ask about it there was only one chef who would work with the dough and he wasn't working the night that my friends wanted to go out. I called again for the next group outing and it was official- I could get pizza. The pie had a thin crust which I'm fond of, not quiet New York thin but definitely not Chicago Style.
This doesn't help out my effort to ditch the dairy but it's great to have another option and be able to get food with friends at the local sports bar, good thing as it just might be Red Sox season in my house.

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Marlow said...

Ummm....that looks incredible!!!