Sunday, May 29, 2011

angel food cake

Last week I found our fridge hosting an abundance of eggs and my sweet tooth aching for a dessert... I pulled out the Bronski's Artisanal Gluten Free Cookbook and flipped for a bit before landing on the angel food cake recipe. Perfect.

I measured everything and waited for the egg whites to come up to room tempature... and waited and waited... this was hard.

When I was able to start whipping I had to pull out the kitchen aid book to remind myself of what settings to whip the egg whites into stiff peaks (high on 8).
and whipped.... almost ready but not quite...
 after a bit in the oven I pulled it out and enjoyed the intoxicating smell of angel food cake. It was so pretty in the bunt pan that I really hated trying to take it out after letting it cool. (I don't have a angel food pan so I just subbed the bunt pan)

I managed to get it out of the pan but it wasn't pretty. Thankfully it tasted great and Dave and I managed to polish it off in just a few days. As always the Bronski's recipe didn't disappoint, I'm looking forward to their cupcake book which is due out this June 1.

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Marlow said...

You read my mind!! I was just thinking about angel food cake yesterday!!