Thursday, April 15, 2010

glutard travels in ski country

We took an extended weekend and traveled to Summit County, CO this weekend. We loaded the dogs in the 4Runner and weaved our way through the mountains. Lunch on the road was easy as we were going near City Market, I picked out some fresh cut fruit and other snacks for the trip. Dinner was more of a challenge.

 We met a friend in Vail and I broke some rules. First, I forgot to eat my snacks and was starving. Second, I didn't research as I thought I could handle being my own advocate. (don't do this on an empty stomach...) Third, I didn't send back unsafe food.  I had ordered a burger without the bun and explained that I could not have gluten to let the server know it was a medical issue and not the Adkin's diet. When my cheeseburger arrived and after the server left I noticed crumbs stuck on the cheese and on the plate. I was starved and scraped the cheese off. I had a few bites of salad and considered my options.

This was Thursday and we were going to be on the road until Monday. I didn't want to go to our friends house in the throws of a gluten meltdown. I picked at the poor excuse for a salad (wilted lettuce) and left the burger alone. When the server came back we let her know that crumbs had been spotted and that it was unsafe to eat. She took it off the bill but by that time I wasn't hungry anymore.  Lesson accepted and I won't return to Bart & Yeti's again.
The next day was off to a much better start. I had planned ahead for our ski day and loaded my pockets with Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, Lara Bar and Enjoy Life Boom Choco Boom Chocolate Bars. Plus we hit Kula's Cafe in Dillon for a gluten-free breakfast of french toast to fuel me up. We proceeded to hit Kula's before skiing on Saturday and Sunday as well.

They had a great assortment of GF goodies for me to choose from, Sugar cookies and carmel bars with a rich chocolate layer! She had also made some GF banana bread and cobbers which I didn't have a chance to try at all. She makes her own GF bread and it made great toast and french toast.

The sugar cookies were leftover from Easter but on sale and still really tasty!
I also hit the Natural Grocer and grabbed some Boulder Chips and my new favorite pasta, Ancient Harvest to make for dinner. Overall it was a great trip and good to finally get out of town, ski some other mountains and catch up with friends and family.

Did you happen to notice my new Sigg Bottle... stay tuned for a chance to win your own!

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