Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sigg Bottle and Travel Mug Giveaway

Before ski season hit I had a weekend to myself, Dave had flown back east for a friend's wedding and I celebrated my freedom and worked on my spinach and noodles, carrot and squash soup and crepes which I posted about. I also spent some time working in photoshop working on some simple designs to show off my glutardness. I created some basic designs and opened a Cafepress online store and forgot about it.
About a month ago I checked into the store and found that some of my goods were selling and was pretty proud as I thought about people carrying around the Sigg I designed or the Ceramic Travel Mug. I put an order in for myself but also wanted to share these creations with you so I ordered an extra of each.
When I traveled to Kula's Cafe in Dillon I was able to break out my Sigg and show off my design,  the white Sigg also look dashing next to my breakfast of homemade gluten free french toast dusted with powdered sugar.

I didn't use my travel mug at breakfast as it was a bit to warm for some hot chocolate or tea. I did get this shot of the Sigg and Ceramic Travel Mug together. Both are great products and the Sigg is BPA free (it is Earth Day after all) and the mug worked well on it's inaugural hot chocolate made with soymilk.
From think outside the breadbox

Post a comment to be entered to win just tell me about why your happy to be gluten free (or if you're not then how you support your glutarded friends). Follow me on Twitter and tweet this or link to your blog and I'll throw in a bonus entry for you if you let me know about it via blog comment or @katerideout. The contest will close on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 at midnight mountain time and there will be one winner for a Sigg Bottle and one winner for the Ceramic Travel Mug. Be sure to put a twitter name or email in your comment so I can contact you if you've won!


Anonymous said...

Glutarded! I LOVE it. Not sure how I missed that one when I was poking around the cafepress site. Loved the post too (and I'm following you now on twitter, so PICK ME! PICK ME!).


Anonymous said...

My girlfriend discovered her allergy to gluten earlier this winter and I immediately started to search for recipes and foods that would be acceptable for the new diet. It was during this search that I came to your house in Telluride and saw all of the awesome things that were still possible to eat. Soon after this I brought Samantha to CO as well and she experienced it for herself. I think that was an eye opener as to the awesome food that she could still have.
Unfortunately the search has started over. A recent visit to the allergist has revealed many more daunting food allergies, which include nuts, rice, soy, meat, tomato, sweet potato, orange, corn, peas, yeast, and more to come. So I have started my search again for food that the poor girl can eat. Which as you can imagine isn't very easy. So I am big supporter of the food allergy community and would like to give the bottle to my poor girlfriend.

p&k said...

Okay, so as far as I know I'm not glutarded, but I do serve a GF lunch to my playgroup every Friday. (Two gf moms and 3 gf kiddos. Plus many other gluten eating moms and kids.)

I also want to say that the glutarded definition on the mug is definitely very clever, and the bottle grumpy bit, well, it's just very true, so well said.

Marlow said...

Ummm...I want that Sigg. I'm just putting that out in to the universe. Random Number generator - CHOOSE ME. Gluten does make me grumpy! As I was waiting in line at Starbucks today I was reminded of just ONE OF THE MANY reasons I'm happy that I'm gluten free: I am NOT tempted by their case of glutenous fatty "treats". Take that Starbucks!

Ari_1965 said...

I'm in the first month of being gluten-free. I'm happy to have found a non-surgical, non-pill solution to some of the health problems that have plagued me recently.

Ari_1965 said...

Followed you on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

I am def. Glutarded I was diagnosed with cd on February 12. I welcomed the gf diet with open arms I have had all kinds of issues as far back as I can remember. Since starting the gf lifestyle I feel better than ever. I struggled with anemia for years and continue to struggle but with my recent diagnosis I have hope that one day it could possibly reverse itself. Loving my new lifestyle. I follow you on Twitter.

OLIVIA said...

I love being gluten free because I USED to be a picky eater and now I will literally eat anything at long as it's GF! @tootingluten

Erin said...

Hey Kate!
I love being glutarded! It's my stance that celiac disease is truly a blessing in disguise-and I am proud of and embrace being a glutard. :)

camper said...

And the Random number generator has chosen: Marlow has won the sigg and Olivia is the winner of the travel mug. I'll email the winners to get shipping information.

Also Alex- I'd like to do a bonus Sigg giveaway for Samantha. Send me your address for a Sigg for Sam.