Wednesday, April 7, 2010

off season?

Life in a ski town is funny. The year has a different flow and feel to it. Telluride is no exception to this and right now we're in an off season phase. Winter has ended and the ski resort has commenced operations for the season. Mother Nature didn't get the memo and it's been colder this week and we've had more snow. School has let out for two weeks and the entire pace of town has slowed dramatically... except at work. We've been busy tying things up and getting ready for summer. Most ski towns have slow summers.... here we have a festival almost every weekend starting with Mountainfilm on Memorial Day.
I made a huge batch of gluten-free Tollhouse Cookies last weekend to help celebrate the end of ski season and just subbed GF Artisan flour and 1 teaspoon xanthum gum for wheat flour.
They were great but it's the second time I've made them and they tend to spread quite a bit.
They're already gone and now I need to come up with a few other snack ideas for our upcoming trip out of town. We're taking Chaos and Mayhem to Summit County so that Mayhem can meet their human cousins and their good doggie friends. We're looking forward to a bit of time away. Our last trip was a 23 hour whirwind in a snowstorm. I'm hoping for some sunny skies this time around!

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