Sunday, June 19, 2011

a bit of cookbook love... Artisanal Gluten Free Cupcakes

My number one cookbook Artisanal Gluten Free Cooking now has a bff, the kind of friend that likes to stay in on a Friday night and make sweet treats that make you feel like it's a special occasion- even when it's not. A friend that will skip one of the biggest festivals of the year in Telluride then tell you that your baked goods are wonderful (thanks Dave).
Artisanal Gluten Free Cooking now shares my cookbook stand with Artisanal Gluten Free Cupcakes which are both by Peter and Kelli Bronski. Team Bronski developed my favorite flour blend which I rock in 24 cup batches (tightly covered and stored in my fridge) which I tend to fly through during my baking extravaganzas.
Dave even ventured out of the baked goods section of AGFC and made the Lime Cilantro Chicken last week for dinner.
He made the marinate the night before and let the chicken swim for 24 hours then after bit of time on the grill and a pairing with little green trees and our gabo gato and it was confirmed- the Bronski's are not just good bakers but great chef's as well. (and Dave is good at following directions)
They've also converted to the popular "bake by weight" method. I ordered a scale last week and it came in handy for both this baking venture but even more so for measuring out my latest batch of AGF Flour. I've never mixed 24 cups up so quickly. The scale was so much fun to bake with and blend flour with.  Good thing as I was excited to measure out 403 grams for my first batch. Kellie and Peter even though ahead and added altitude adjustments for those of us living at 9,000 feet, that's the bonus of cook book authors who also used to live at altitude.
 My first venture was the Snickerdoodle cupcakes. Dave and I both love the Bronski's cookie version and thought the cupcake would be fun. My kitchen aid whirred into action as I mixed the wet then combined with the dry. The batter was fluffy and I spooned it into the cupcake tins, put into the preheated oven and forgot to set the timer... disaster on my first batch didn't sit well with me or my sweet tooth but thankfully I recalled the fuzzy photo I had taken as I put them in the oven. I took a quick shot to gauge the camera clock then set a timer. They were a touch overdone but a cupcake fiasco had been adverted thanks to my Nikon.
These cupcakes were WINNERS among my gluten eating friends that enjoyed them the next day. Dave wanted to try vanilla frosting but since I wielded the knife I grabbed a can of chocolate (yes, Betty helps me cheat and save a few steps.) Dave and I had even cheated and each ate a warm cupcake with frosting and the cinnamon flavor made me feel like I was eating a happy memory.
These snickerdoodles were a great start to a beautiful friendship. I'm looking forward to making friends with the mojito, strawberry and mocha cupcakes as well. It's a simple and straightfoward book that agrees with my baking style and uses my favorite flour blend. 
I was feeling such a rush after a few cupcakes that I didn't let my good times stop there... I pulled out AGFC and flipped to the cookie page and whirled the kitchen aid back up and made up a batch of...

Chocolate Chip cookies. It was as bad as "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" but thankfully I cleaned up the kitchen a flopped into bed so I could wake up to this the next day...
what is this "saturday" you speak of? I'm ready for my walk now.
Mayhem and his more reserved old brother Chaos have been on morning wake up duty each day at 7am. We're back in summer mode with a daily walk on the trails behind our condo. The boys love this and hate to miss it- especially for something as trivial as a Saturday.

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