Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a little road trip

Last week we took a small road trip. Living in the southwest corner of Colorado means that to get to any major Colorado city requires at least a few hours of driving. Google Maps estimated it to be a 6 hour drive. Mother Nature turned it into an 8 hour drive. We left the house at 6am bound for Colorado Springs, armed with my gluten free road snacks like Stretch Island Fruit and Peanut Butter & Jelly flavored Lara Bars. The weather was just starting to move in and within the first ten miles I realized that this was not going to be an easy drive. It was still dark and fat snowflakes filled my 4Runner's headlights making me drive slowly. As the light grew the driving became easier but it was still slow going. By the time we hit Monarch Pass I realized that the windshield wipers really needed to get replaced and the thick slush killed what little use they had left. We made it over the pass with a few stops for clearing the window and found an auto parts store for new super storm grade wipers. The trash outside the store was filled with old wipers and we went inside for the item of the day.
Our mission of the stormy day?
A new puppy- we were on our way to meet our new puppy. He is a one year old golden retriever and was in need of a new home. He was living in Colorado Springs and we ventured through the storm to pick him up. We were pretty excited as the Springs is also home to a PF Chang's and they just added new items to the gluten-free menu! We started with the Lettuce Wraps then enjoyed the spicy Gluten Free Beef a la Sichuan and Gluten Free Fried Rice. I'm not a huge fan of the beef dish as I'm not a celery fan but loved the lettuce wraps as always. It was a good treat after a long, hard drive that day.

I even got the Flourless Chocolate Dome to go for the ride home.... yum. We did a monster round trip and after dinner and a quick stop at REI we hit the road with our new puppy for some more fun winter driving.
It was all worth it to wake up at home the next day with our new pup. We've named him Mayhem and I took him on his first gondola ride on his first morning home. He's settling in well to our home and life with his big brother Chaos. He doesn't even mind that I'm a glutard!
Chaos, age 5 and Mayhem, age almost 1


Lindsey said...

Congrats on the new addition!! How is Chaos handling the sibling rivalry?? We've considered a second dog many times but #1 our apartment/yard is too small right now and #2 we're afraid that Dixie is too old to accept another dog into the house. If she were a few years younger we'd go for it, but can't stand the thoughts of breaking her geriatric heart. :) We look forward to seeing new pics of both dogs!

camper said...

Hey Lindsey!
Chaos is doing better then expected, today marks 4 weeks since we picked up Mayhem. They are doing well and playing together quite a bit. Chaos was used to us watching a lot of other dogs and we've made sure to do special things with him. Mayhem is still crated at night while Chaos graces the foot of the bed. Today Mayhem came to work with me while Chaos gets a day with Dave.
Hope you, Greg and Miss Dixie are well.