Monday, March 8, 2010


At our last "big city" grocery store expedition I was delighted to find Udi's Bread. I've read a lot of favorable reviews and my local sandwich shop even swapped to it. My first home creation? Toast.
I haven't had toast since at least November, 2008 and it may have even been longer. I covered the toaster oven in tin foil since Dave hasn't given up gluten toast and gently toasted my bread. I picked out my first toast toppings- Earth's Balance with cinnamon and sugar. YUM!  I didn't realize how much I enjoy and missed toast until that very moment. I may even have to try Udi's for french toast....
I'm really loving the new Natural Grocers store in Montrose. It's been a great source for new products. They've even hosted a gluten-free sample day and I was able to try some new products without having to commit to a whole (expensive) package. They have almost all the gluten-free flour types I could ever want including brown and white rice flour in prepackaged bulk. They've earned a lot of our buisness and it seems like each trip they get a little more. This trip had me stocking up on my standard rice noodles plus the new Ancient Harvest Pasta and other treats.

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