Tuesday, March 16, 2010

skcations (ski vacations) with friends

We were very lucky this last week to have three fun friends visit us from Maine. I was able to show off my glutared culinary skills and make them let them sample the goodies.  Dawson got to try a monster batch of street noodles  then we also had pizza and while they did use balls of gluten dough (yuck) I quickly whipped up a thin crust pizza dough (version 2) from The Bronski's Cookbook.
I've been making up jars in big batches and labeling them so when I want to make pizza or pancakes I just grab a jar of all the dry ingredients mixed together. It saves a good amount of time and makes life pretty simple.  I divided the dough in two and par baked each then frozen one and decorated the other for that night with parm cheese, pesto, peperoni and pineapple.  I'm able to tolerate small amounts of cheese and even had a soft montz on a pizza last week and didn't suffer like I had been. I'm still aiming to be 96% dairy free but sneak in a bit every now and then.

Sara and I also whipped up a batch of strawberry whoopie pies. I made one small correction to the posted recipe. I had written baking powder instead of baking soda and realized this while making this last batch. Betty Crocker is also officially labeling frosting's as Gluten Free!
I even used my last bit of Udi's Bread on some gluten free french toast before a day of skiing. I lucked out and Dave made it for me. Breakfast always tastes better when it's made by someone else.
We took a ton of ski photos as we had some great sunshine and even a few powder days but they were more amazed at how many food photos I take. It's a lot of planning to blog each week and I need to ensure I have lots to work with.

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